The Best Apps for Nurses

There's a lot to remember when becoming a nurse. Not only do you need to find a way to store mass quantities of medical knowledge, you also have to leave room in your brain to absorb the new information you're exposed to every day on the job. Fortunately, we live in an age of digital technology, and there are plenty of apps available to help you be the best nurse possible. So the next time you feel like you could use a little extra help, open one of these mobile apps:

Pocket Body
This interactive app is perfect for nursing students who are struggling to memorize the names of all the muscles and bones. It enables you to navigate through the superficial skin into the deep musculature, internal organ structures, ligaments and skeletal system of the body. This app is the ideal study buddy because everything is labeled with clinical information and you can add your own notes as you learn.

This comprehensive app from WebMD provides medical news, continuing medical education and a clinical reference guide compiled by more than 7,000 physicians and pharmacists. It's one of the most popular medical apps out there, and tons of health care professionals use it on a daily basis.

Nursing Essentials
For immediate access to information that all nurses need, it doesn't get much better than this app. Nursing Essentials includes everything from abbreviations and definitions to information on medications and immunizations. Spanish translations, pain assessment and organization tools are also uniquely helpful features, and its conversion and calculation tools are pretty handy.

More than 50 percent of physicians rely on Epocrates to help them give better patient care, so you know it's going to be useful. This app is primarily used for easy access to drug prescribing and safety information, and can be beneficial for checking for harmful drug interactions. Epocrates also makes it possible to identify pills by imprint code and physical characteristics, and to access information about diseases and alternative medications.

MRSA e-Guidelines
The MRSA guidelines are something every nurse should know, and this quick-reference app will allow you to access key summary points, treatment recommendations and drug dosage information. Everything comes from the latest Infectious Diseases Society of America (ISDA) guidelines and will help you make accurate clinical decisions.

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