The Best Shoes for Nurses

Shoes are an important part of a nurses wardrobe. They help to protect feet from spills and slipping and can help to prevent pain from being on your feet.

Surgeons have scalpels and baseball players have bats. The tool a nurse needs for a successful day? A good pair of shoes. It can be difficult deciding what shoes to choose, and even what makes up a good pair. Look for these traits and you'll find the perfect pair of shoes for careers in nursing:

​Spill Resistant
It does not matter how clean of a person you are, your shoes are going to get spilled on. Bodily fluids, mud, water, you name it and it will probably end up on your shoes at some point during your nursing career. You don't want to have to buy new shoes every time this happens, nor do you want to have super dirty or wet shoes. To prevent this, look for a pair that is water-resistant. Crocs are comfortable and light, and the kind without holes is super spill-resistant. Other brands also have similar features, such as tennis shoes that are meant for outdoor activities like running.

While one person may love a pair of clogs, you may have a differently shaped foot that requires another type of shoe. Take a look at your feet. Do you have a high arch? Are your feet flat? What hurts the most at the end of the day? Take these hot spots into consideration when choosing a shoe. Look for a pair with the right shape for your foot and you will be much happier than going with the pair your friend swears by.

If you are having a particularly hard time finding shoes customize a pair to fit your needs. You can buy water-resistant spray to coat shoes that aren't so spill-friendly. Slip a pair of insoles into any shoe and it will become comfortable and much less painful to wear for your entire shift. Insoles can be purchased at any drug store, and often hospital pharmacies, and are an affordable option to customize your shoes. For a super-comfy pair, opt for insoles that were built for your feet. Some stores have a machine that will analyze the way you walk and what is the best support for your feet. Then it will create insoles that are unique to your needs. 

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