Gifts for Nurses

Check out our list of great gift ideas for nurses.

From fellow students to friends and co-workers, we've got some great gift ideas for the nurses in your life. 

Personalized beverage tumbler
​It's important for health care professionals to stay hydrated. Buy your friends with careers in nursing a personalized tumbler so that they'll never have to use the random office mug collection again. Decorate the tumbler with pictures of their pet or family, even fun shots of your friendship. They'll love this thoughtful and unique gift.

Deck out their steth o scope with steth-o-charms
Help your nurse friends show their personal style with charms for their stethoscope. With phrases like "World's Greatest Nurse," "Superhero in Scrubs" and "Nurses have Patients," you're sure to delight your friend with this fashionable gift. Patients love seeing the charms - they're a great conversation starter!

A quirky pen
Nurses need pens throughout the day. Like a typical office, pens are constantly being set down, forgotten and accidentally traded. Get your favorite nursing friend a unique pen so they won't have to search for theirs among fellow nurses' ordinary writing instruments. Go quirky with a pen that looks like a medical syringe or thermometer, or even personalize one with their initials or last name. They'll love easily identifying their pen among the myriad others at the nursing station. 

A fancy badge holder
Hospitals require identification and badges for security reasons. Help your nursing colleague keep track of cards and IDs with a fun badge holder reel or lanyard. Choose a lanyard that is comfortable and sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear of daily use. Go for a bedazzled lanyard in a bright color for a fun, energetic friend and a simple, strong reel for a more practical-minded friend. 

Fun scrubs
Scrubs can be boring and repetitive. Liven up your nursing friend's work wardrobe by gifting them with some fun scrubs. Cat lovers can find patterned tops and pants covered in cartoon or realistic kitties. For fans of "Grey's Anatomy," look for uniforms just like their favorite McDreamy or McSteamy. You can even find scrubs that represent their favorite charity or cause like breast cancer awareness. Some hospitals and health care providers have strict rules on uniform policy, so be sure to check if your friend's workplace will allow them to wear scrubs that are out of the ordinary.

These thoughtful, useful gifts are also perfect for people who are interested in becoming a nurse. 

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