Helpful Hairstyles for Nurses

French braiding your hair will help to keep stray strands from hanging around your face.

When you have a career in nursing you have a lot going on and letting your hair get in the way is not an option. A simple pony tail every day can get boring. Try these style ideas to keep your hair out of your face and add some flair to your daily work look:

French braid
You know those annoying strands of hair that always escape your hair tie and insist on hovering around your face? Banish them by French braiding your hair. If those wispy rebel hairs persist, try doing French braided pig tails. Tie them off into messy buns and you've got a nearly-effortless yet totally helpful hairstyle that will last your entire shift. Plus, when you get off work and head out into the world you can undo the braid to have a fun, wavy style. Two great looks without washing? Gotta love it.

Tiny braids
We don't mean cornrows, but if that's your thing, go for it. If you aren't into French braids but are looking to add some interest to your hair style while keeping sneaky stray hairs from bothering you, add some small braided sections to your pony tail. Create a small braid on either side of your face near your bangs and tuck the ends into your ponytail. 

Take a break from the binder
You know that achey feeling on your scalp when you let your hair out after a long shift? That means you are making your pony tail too tight. Not only is it painful, you can damage your scalp and cause hair breakage. Skip your usual hair tie and opt for a clip to give your scalp a rest. You can also try hair chopsticks. Even wearing a low ponytail puts less pressure on your skin, giving your head a needed vacation from the strain of a high pony.

Get a cut
It is absolutely possible to be a nurse and have long hair. However, if you're looking to switch things up you may want to get a hair cut. Try a bob style to remove the need for hair ties and other accessories. Your getting-ready routine will be easier and faster with shorter hair. If you're really daring try a super short pixie cut. This look is seriously easy and requires less washing and care than longer hairstyles. No more daily fights to tame your locks, just run your hands through and you're ready to roll.

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