Is it Time to Clean Up Your Resume?

Make your resume stand out

It's never too late to switch to a career in information technology or get an online nursing degree, but when it comes time to dust off that resume, how do you keep it relevant and desirable? A good resume is in need of constant updating, requiring continuous adjustments and ongoing attention to detail. Here are some tips to get you started.

Basic resume clean-up

  • Check to make sure all of the basic information is still accurate. Are you at a new address? Using a new email? 
  • Read over your resume and remove any experience that is over 10-15 years old.  
  • Remove excessive language and argot.
  • Ask yourself if your resume should be one page or two. If you have under 10 years of professional experience, try to limit it to a single page. However, this rule is subject to much debate

Making your resume unique

  • Highlight experience that is quantifiable. When employers are searching through numerous resumes, proven results will demand attention.
  • Edit your resume to cater to each job for which you apply. Utilize your experiences that specifically relate to a position and make them stand out on your resume. 
  • Take advantage of keywords. Every job description has a set of words indicating the type of person they are looking for. Use keywords to stand out and demonstrate that you understand the specific skills needed for the position.
  • Make sure to follow individual instructions for each employer. Does an employer want your resume in a PDF or Microsoft Word document? Do they want your resume submitted through a submission manager or emailed? Overlooking these instructions can immediately get your resume removed from consideration.

Keep your resume relevant

  • Update computer program and software skills regularly to ensure your resume demonstrates current trends.
  • Adapt your resume across various formats to make it available to a wide array of employers. Websites such as LinkedIn are a great place to display your resume online. 
  • Recently, resumes have taken on creative and interactive forms, but remember, consider what job you're applying for. Applying to jobs for registered nurses will likely take a more traditional resume than applying for a job at a creative Internet startup. 

Once your resume is polished and updated, proofread the content and have a trusted friend edit it. Having another set of eyes on your resume will help to fill in any gaps you may have overlooked.

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