Non-clinical Job Opportunities for Nurses

Non-clinical job opportunities for nurses

There are a variety of non-clinical job opportunities for individuals who pursue a career in nursing. Here are some interesting ways to use your nursing education outside of a clinical setting:

Personal care services
Registered nurses (RNs) who enter the personal care services work in a domestic setting for clients who need assistance with daily tasks. RNs will often help their clients bathe and use the restroom. They will also provide assistance with dressing. Clients who employ RNs for personal care have the luxury of receiving the full range of medical services a nurse can legally provide. One interesting thing to note is that some personal care nurses work for celebrity households through agencies like

Health information technology (HIT)
Some nurses enjoy working with technology more than others. By combining their medical knowledge with their computer skills, they can help patients without administering clinical care. One of the major responsibilities of nurses in HIT is helping quality assurance firms audit medical records. They also identify and confirm discrepancies in patient files. HIT nurses often work with physicians and insurance agencies to make sure electronic health record systems are working efficiently.

Oil and gas extraction
Harsh weather conditions and large machinery create a high-risk environment for rig technicians. For six months out of the year, nurses that work in these places provide medical care to the rig's staff. While half a year of vacation sounds like a lot of fun, nurses on oil and gas extraction rigs work hard. They are often required to take 12-hour shifts and work holidays. And because they are the only staff with medical expertise, they are on-call every day. This does not mean there are no additional benefits. Meals and laundry service are provided by their employer.

Medical writing
In the world of health care, a lot of information is distributed in written form. In a clinical setting, nurses write down notes for physicians and other health care professionals. However, in a non-clinical job like medical writing, nurses must appeal to a larger audience. Nurses who enter the medical writing field can often be found working with people in pharmacology, epidemiology and other clinical departments. They combine their medical knowledge with excellent communication skills to produce textbooks, regulation reports and patient transcripts. Nurses who are medical writers are also critical to the development of clinical exams.

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