Nurses can promote healing with mobility in the ICU

Those with a career in nursing can promote healing in the ICU.

Those invested in a career in nursing may find themselves in the ICU during some point of their employment. If this fast-paced environment is right for you, you could help promote healing in patients with early mobility.

ICU nurses may want to help their get patients up and moving in order to reduce their risk of complications due to immobility and bed rest. Before getting started, there are some key signals to look for to ensure your patient is up for the challenge.

It's important that the patient be able to respond to verbal stimulation, have no unstable fractures and meet specific respiratory and cardiac standards. During rounds, nurses will need to reassess the patient to ensure he or she meets these necessary qualifying factors.

Those with careers in nursing know the importance of taking this process slowly. Consider starting by having the patient sit up in bed. From there, you can have him or her sit while dangling his or her feet over the side. When the patient is ready, it may be time to move on to sitting in chair and eventually taking a slow stroll down the hallway.

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