Tips for Taking the NCLEX Exam

Before you can begin a career in nursing you will need to take the NCLEX exam to obtain your nursing licensure. Don't be intimidated! With a quality online nursing degree, you already have the tools you need to be successful. All you need now is a little advice.

Schedule your exam ASAP
You'll increase your chances of success if you take the NCLEX exam as soon as possible after graduating from nursing school, because the knowledge will be fresh in your mind. Try to schedule your examination to take place between four and six weeks after graduation, and definitely don't wait more than a few months!

Create a study plan
After you've scheduled an exam date, it's time to create a study plan. You'll need several months to prepare - remember, you need to pass NCLEX to become a nurse - so your study calendar should begin while you're still in school. Organize material in manageable chunks of information, tackling a little bit each week.

Find a study buddy
Schedule your NCLEX on the same day as one of friends! That way, you'll be able to motivate each other when the studying gets really tough and provide moral support when it's needed.

Use all available resources
The materials you've accumulated over nursing school aren't the only resources you have at your disposal. Instead of focusing on what you know, NCLEX questions ask you to apply that knowledge, so taking a preparation course may be a good idea.

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