Organization Advice for Nurses

Nurses can stay organized by creating priorities.

Careers in nursing can be demanding, and require the ability to stay organized while juggling multiple tasks at once. With so much on your mind - from how to provide the best patient care to when exactly you'll be able to find time to catch up on your sleep - getting and staying organized can be tricky. To make your life a little bit easier, test out these organizational tips:

Tackling all of your organizational needs at once will just overwhelm you. Instead, prioritize tasks at work and home, and take care of the most important things first. Although work isn't always predictable - nurses do tend to have to deal with emergencies on occasion - prioritizing your duties in advance will help you stay organized in the face of abrupt changes in your schedule.

Start small
To avoid getting discouraged, start the organization process with small projects, such as finally emptying out the pockets of your scrubs and putting everything where it belongs. Then move on to tackling your desk drawers or writing out a calendar. If you set small goals for yourself, you'll be more likely to stick with your organization plan.

Create a schedule
Once you're ready, writing out a schedule will help take a lot of stress out of your day. This doesn't just mean keeping track of when you have shifts and what night of the week you have time to head to the grocery store - set a schedule for your work day too. Decide when you plan to make patient rotations, update files and order supplies. It will help you stay organized, avoid procrastination and have a largely stress-free work day.

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