A Practical Guide for Getting Through Nursing School

Getting an online nursing degree is challenging, and the stress may cause you to want to give up. First of all, you can do it! Secondly, if you focus on the right things, then you can get through the stress and do well in your studies. Here are some practical tips for conquering your nursing program (because although it's hard, you have it in you!):

Find the right system
You have to study to lean when you're in nursing school, not just memorize. While other students can cram a few dates into their short term memory and ace a test, the information you pick up in class will help you save lives later - go you! For this reason, it's imperative that you find a study system that works for you. What helps you learn may not be the same for others. Try a few studying techniques and choose one based on a process of elimination. For example, you could make flash cards, pretend to teach someone else the material or add drawings to your notes. Once you find an effective learning method, stick with it and work hard!

Don't be afraid to ask
You should always feel comfortable asking questions or asking for help. Professors, your peers and older students are all a great resources. Shoot your professor an email if a concept just isn't sinking or form an online video chat study group. Push the others in your class to do well and they will do the same for you.

Take care of yourself
The stress of online class work and practical application (not to mention stress in your daily life) could cause you to push yourself too hard. A healthy mind and body will support you better than one that is sick and tired. Get six to eight hours of sleep every night, exercise and eat healthy to maintain a strong immune system. Talk to close friends or family when you feel overwhelmed as they can help you talk out your frustrations. 

Be professional
As a nursing student, you will have to go through clinicals, which are a practical application course. Show up on time dressed in the right uniform. Look your best even though you can't choose your clothing. A polished appearance will show your instructors that you're serious about your career. When you're there, listen intently and later use the knowledge you gained.

Stay focused
Always remember why you decided to go into nursing. Revaluating your commitment to the field might give you that push you need to study for a test or log on for class time. 

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