Three Ways to Celebrate National Nurses Week

Celebrate National Nurses Week by letting your coworkers know just how much you appreciate them.

It's officially National Nurses Week! Whether you're just beginning a career in nursing or have years of experience, it's the perfect time to make sure that your fellow nurses know how much you appreciate them. No one else can truly understand what you go through every day! Take this opportunity to put a smile on the faces of your coworkers.

Be generous with your compliments
If you've been admiring a coworker's haircut or new pair of scrubs, say something! Even the tiniest compliment can brighten someone's day. Instead of spreading the negative gossip that circulates around your workplace, start a positive rumor. If you notice one of your fellow nurses always cleans up the break room, thank them and make sure others know about it too.

Throw a party
What better way is there to celebrate than with a party? Even if you can't get all the nurses together at once, bring in a box of donuts or some baked goods to show everyone how much you appreciate the hard work that they do every day. Who knows? You may even inspire some other nurses to return the favor.

Ask patients to make thank you cards
To make sure that the nurses who don't work your shift get a little extra appreciation during National Nurses Week, ask your patients to get in on the fun. Give them some art supplies so they can make a card for the nurse that takes care of them during the next shift. It will not only help patients focus on positives rather than negatives, but it will also brighten the day of a nurse you don't get to see.

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