What Hiring Managers Look For in Nurses

Impress nurse hiring managers by making sure you have these qualities.

As you search for nursing employment opportunities, it's important to think about how to present yourself to hiring managers in a way that will help you secure a job. In addition to having a nursing degree, interviewers and employers will also be checking to see if you have the important qualities needed to be a great nurse.

Work experience
According to survey from Harris Interactive, 24 percent of hiring managers said they were having trouble finding applicants with relevant work experience. One way to set yourself apart from others applying for a particular nursing position is to make sure that you gain plenty of experience in the field of health care, whether that be through volunteer work or on-the-job training.

When hiring managers look at your resume and see that you have earned a nursing degree, they will assume you already have the technical expertise needed to be a nurse. However, nurses are also caretakers, and it's important that they are compassionate, caring and genuinely want to make their patients' lives better. Be sure to convey your passion for nursing if you are able to score an interview.

Critical thinking
Nurses work in fast-paced environments, which is why it's so vital that they are able to think critically and quickly. In both your cover letter and your interview you will need to convey that you are prepared and able to react in a calm and decisive way when emergency situations arise.

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